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Most people don't realize the process behind casting love spells.

 Love Spells are cast using the energy that love, attraction and affection create. Manipulating that energy, for positive or negative reasons/methods is how the love spells are performed. There are many different methods for casting love spells, but ensuring that the love spell works can be tricky, depending on how experienced the spell caster is. Choosing Voodoo, White magic, Witchcraft techniques or black magic can determine the length of time the love spell takes, the strength of the spell, and the effects of the spell long term. 

The best way to choose an effective love spell is to speak with your spell caster and discuss the history behind your relationship/involvement with your loved one. For instance, if you previously had a relationship with someone, you would use a different love spell for that spell casting than you would for casting a love spell on someone you previously never had a relationship with, as there would be an entirely different energy source for the love spell. Harnessing the correct love spell energy will determine the functionality of that particular love spell.

There are also many other outside factors to consider when having a love spell cast. Having discussed the fact that 90% of love spells cast are energy based, you need to let your spell caster know of any of the following, if they are present in the situation:

Are you or the other person involved mentally ill?

Your prior relationship with the person having the spell cast on

Any outside sources of negative energy between you and the person being cast on (friends, family members, lovers, coworkers etc)

It's very important to discuss every factor of your desired outcome and history, otherwise you might get a love spell cast that simply isn't as effective as it could be, or worse...

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