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The most powerful Re-Connection Spell

 Originally performed sometime in May 1908. This spell is performed using some Voodoo variations mixed with basic energy magic, and fueled with a blood sacrifice to the spirits. This spell is only used for extreme circumstances for parties that are out of contact and need a way to reconnect, as all avenues of communication have been destroyed.


 A drop of your blood, on a white unmarked paper, dried. (Please do not extract your own blood, seek medical help to have this done, as we can't be responsible for self injury)




1 hr 30 min session performed by Senior staff only. 

(Spell is based on the length of time you haven't been in contact with the other party, the longer the separation, the easier it is for the spell to drive the new contact.

How the spell works:

 Its very similar to thinking about someone you haven't seen or heard from in a while, and that feeling you get to wonder what they are doing... that's what this spell feeds from and magnifies. This spell will cause the person it's cast on to have an insatiable urge to see "What you are doing" and act on it.


 Discuss and get approval with your Spell caster first to coordinate times. 

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