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Voodoo Enhancement Calendar 

This is a step by step guide of what to expect during the Voodoo Rituals performed on your behalf.

The beginning of the rituals is usually the most intense, and will require the most work on your end. You will have to follow the rules closely, to ensure the spell work takes hold as planned, and you stay on course as instructed in this daily step by step process.

In order to begin your Voodoo Enhancement, please make sure the following things have happened:

1. You have discussed this process with your spell caster, and understand what Voodoo means, its process and how things will work.

2. You agree to adhere to all rules set forth each day.

3. You will advise your spell caster of any rules broken immediately. If your instructions are for no contact, or you forget a ceremony, please let us know. Trying to hide these things only hurts your work, and it sets us back time. Things happen, and we understand.

4. Do not skip days. Things are set up like this for a reason, and moving too fast, too soon will not help.

5. Your next day, and what to expect will be published within 24 hours. 

6. Every day will have a listed time for you to touch base with your spell caster to go over the days events, and continue your case.

7. Every day will have a task you are to accomplish, and things you must adhere to. Again, if you are unable to meet this criteria, you must advise us. This is listed twice due to the importance of it.

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