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True Love Spells - The Most Powerful Love Spell Series Available
Don't bother reading this page if you're not 100% certain that you are missing out on the love of your life. 

This page discusses our most potent love spell work we offer, and it's designed for one thing only: 

To Connect True Love. 

In order to use this type of spell, you must have previously shared a connection with the individual you are having it cast on. This spell is designed to take the passion that you feel for someone and transfer it to them, through a previous connection you've shared with that individual. 

This spell takes 9 days to cast in total, with 18 sessions (2 times daily, for all 9 days) and is a celebration of your previous bond. The initial part of the spell buries any damage you previously had with the person, and repairs the connection fully. This spell is performed in steps, and requires many issues to be addressed. You will need to discuss every angle of your relationship with your spell caster, and discuss the aspects of your relationship that eventually led to its demise.

While this process is typically performed with a potent style of black magic, it is completely harmless to those it's cast upon.
Many people ask if the spell works if the other person is not in love with you, and the answer is yes. In order for the spell to work, you simply need to have had a presence in the other parties life and made enough of an impact for the spell to seize the connection and blossom through it.
Casting the True Love Spell requires 2 40 minute session daily, where an altar is created for the 2 of you. The altar hold a picture of each of you, candles dipped in love attraction oils, love connection beads, and other items appeasing to the spirits. The caster lights the candles surrounding your  pictures offering praises for a re-connection and strengthening of your relationship, and then writes down all the issues you two have faced and burns the paper. The ashes are taken and laid in the wax of the candle nearest to the person's picture that caused the issue in the relationship. After this altar is set in place, the black magic aspect of the ceremony takes place (Which we won't disclose) that solidifies the magics strength and speeds up the connection and delivery of the spell work.

After the 9th day, the spell is complete and the connection will start massively growing through the strength of the love spell.

We've used this series many times through out our careers, and have finally decided to publish it online to help those in need, and separated from the true love of their life.

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