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Our Process
This is the most important page on our site. Please read it carefully. 
Here is an overview of what to expect with our service:

All of our work is done on a "Per Case Basis". 
This means is that there is no exact price for each spell rendered. There are many factors that play a part in a spell's overall pricing. Here are a few of the factors:

* Length of time involved with the person being cast on.
* Damage between the 2 parties previously
* Other outside influences (Current relationships, family, friends)
* Amount of continual contact between the 2 parties involved.
* Time lapsed since last contact

Things that do NOT affect spell work:

* Distance
* Previous castings by other spiritualists (As long as the spell wasn't intended to drive the 2 parties apart)
* Gender of the person being cast on
* Crisis in the persons life being cast on, not involving their personal life.

What happens immediately after I hire you? 

1. The first step is meditation:
Sometimes that is done for free during the initial consultation. This step usually requires about 30 minutes, and you will be notified once its been performed.  

2. Assessment of the situation:
You will be given a custom quote as to what we feel needs to happen between you both, the length of time needed, what rituals will be used and price. 

3. Work begins:
We hope you've hired us, and it's time for your ritual to begin! You will be given a time that your spell will be performed, and a time to discuss it after completion. This discussion consists of 30 minutes discussing the effects, timeline, and potency.

Ongoing Charges:

We want to set a clear expectation with our services, and charges you will be asked to pay for on a continual basis. Here are the following things you would be charged for, after you have hired us to take your case:

* over 1 hour weekly chat - 
We love to hear from you! If you want to have daily updates, meditations and discussions surrounding your situation, we can do that!
You will be asked to pay $65/weekly to help cover our costs of the chat service, time, and continual updates. This has been modified from our previous system, due to rampant abuse of the chat software. We need to prioritize our time for those who are current clients with work being done that day.

* Supplies for re-castings: 
We understand that sometimes clients want expedited results, or enhancements. For secondary spell work, you are typically only asked to cover supplies used, and any other contribution(s) can typically be paid after the spell has already ran it's course, and successful results have been obtained. 

Extra Work:

If you are a current client and request an additional spell for a new issue, situation, or complication in your daily life, you are required to pay for it!