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Love is the greatest human emotion and invariably overcomes all obstacles as if by magic. Historically people agree that the most powerful love they have experienced, is the love they were not seeking or expecting. In these circumstances most people are not even contemplating falling in love, someone enters their lives and without any explanation they can no longer envisage their lives without them.
Consequently I have experienced these very same emotions towards my ex fiancé of almost 7 years. Back in 2009 I had been split up from my ex girlfriend at the time for 6 months, when I reconnected with a woman who I known for many years but had lost contact with. After a couple of weeks of talking we arranged to meet up for the first time in 2 years. As soon as we met up we spoke for hours like we had never been apart, old memories flowed to the surface, old feelings were felt and a connection that was disrupted was re-energized with ease.
 Following that day we spoke to each other everyday and met up frequently, our friendship was rekindled and our connection grew stronger with little effort or force. After a few weeks with our chemistry also reaching boiling point, we could no longer resist our urges and we made love for the first time which was passionate and beautiful. Our passion for one another was insatiable and only enhanced our feelings, until we both verbally acknowledged what we both felt inside. We had fallen hopelessly in love with each other, blossoming effortlessly from friends to lovers and now partners. On 20th November 2009 I officially entered into a relationship with a woman who had become my best friend, my lover and someone who my life would not be the same without.
 Over the months to come we shared a huge amount of happiness, laughter, sex and discovery and she completely changed my life for the better. About 6 months after we got together we discovered that she was pregnant we were so happy to be expecting our first child. 9 months later our son was born, we both cried tears of joy as we knew we had gone from being partners to being a family. Over the coming years we encountered the same issues that all couples go through, financial etc yet we overcame any issues that came our way and then we discovered that she was expecting our second child. Now our family had grown even more and we couldn't be happier, we also decided to move to be closer to my family.
 Upon moving I admittedly struggled with the move, new colleagues, new customers, new surroundings and I found it difficult at first. One day after allowing petty arguments about work, money to cause us to bicker for a few weeks, we had a silly argument which led to a mutual separation. After a week or two I quickly realized that I had made a mistake and I attempted to reconcile with my ex yet she was giving mixed messages. Months passed by and she eventually told me that she no longer loved me anymore and that she didn't want to get back together.
 However her emotions, words and behavior was counter productive so I still kept loving her and attempting to reconcile. As of now 9 months have passed by and we have still not been able to reconcile, yet I still love her deeply, miss her and my two sons and desperately want to be a family again. In my heart I know that deep down she has buried her feelings and love for me and I want to reconcile our relationship.
 Although I do not possess any prior knowledge of magic, I am aware of the magic of love and the everlasting effects it can have on someone and I wish to have my ex be reminded of our magical love.
Please help me to reconcile with my ex fiancé, I miss my best friend, my lover, my rock and the woman I love more than any other. I also miss my children, us all being a family together. I would like for us to get married and finally have the daughter we always wished for to complete our family.

"Madam, from my entire heart thank you! She is back, and we are working on our family, and restoring the love. Your love spell not only worked, but did quickly and efficiently! A life long friend!"
Tim Y. 

Have you ever just kind of known?..ya know, that someone was your end. I've never imagined myself finding him, until I did. Granted, this may sound a bit cliché, but its 100 percent truth, every time we see one another, talk, or hang out, there's a spark in both of us. We've discussed this weird connection and how we both believe we are drawn to one another, we just don't understand why and how. Funny, I remember from day 1, he was so surprised that I was attracted to him and asked why. I didn't know then and I still don't know now. One thing that's for sure is I do love him. We've kept a very close, do as you please relationship, neither of us have been clingy or over bearing to the other, we just let one live and come back to each other. When we reconnect, it is the greatest thing I've ever felt. Its like we're two kids showing off our latest gadgets, laughing about anything, catching up on everything, without judgment or fear of hatred and or jealousy. He has an ex that he is having a very hard time getting over because he fears change. She is toxic to his growth, he knows that and has been working on trying to cut his ties permanently. Shortly after they broke up, we dated more and he started exclusively seeing another woman. I was so happy for him, hurt at first because it wasn't me and we had finally started really dating, but like I said..I love him. He allowed himself to ruin that relationship because of the scars he held from the was just too soon for him to jump into anything. Guess who he came to? We talked about the issues around his ex, his past suitor, and myself. He made it clear that he loves me and I'm important in his life,however, I should be extremely happy that I was lucky enough to not be in a relationship with him. Ugh..forgive me but it weighs heavy on my heart to feel like he thinks he doesn't deserve me or I can't be what he needs to change for the better, it makes me cry every time. So he started therapy, its slowly but surely changing his attitude towards things and we are getting closer once again but I'm ready to stop the back and forth. I don't want to keep separating and coming back together. I would love to have a happy marriage, children..him.. I want him to snap out of it and finally see me. He told me before, all he wants is someone that will love him NO MATTER WHAT. I have, and I always will. I've been patient for years and it's time he notices. Now, what a love spell means to me is, everything...Him..He is my everything.

"Thank you so much for showing me not to give up on love. I'm in tears as i write this, and for the first time in a very long time, they are tears of joy!!" Deb G.

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