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   If you research Spell Casters online, you will see many different methods discussed, and many different spell casters showing huge differences as to what to expect, and what is needed for any particular casting. It's important to note that when casting a Love Spell, Wedge Spell, or any other black/white magic spell, the circumstances surrounding the Spell casting are crucial. 
Love Spells 

    These are the most often asked about spells. Love spells come in many forms, and are complex spells. Our spells harness the energy already created between you and the desired party (Whether positive or negative energy) and channel it to strengthen your bond with your loved one. there are many forms of this type of energy based love spells, and can come in many different strengths, time frames and  channels. Most Love Spell ceremonies take under 40 minutes and don't require personal items (we often see this specified, and don't understand why that would matter) Most of the time all you need is the correct atmosphere to cast the love spell, and some basic personal information about the situation. We can cast a Love Spell for a client usually within a few hours of speaking with them and learning what the goal is, the people involved and the history. 

Another type of Love Spell Casting would be a Love Spell that involved a third party. These spells require more tools, and much more information to have them performed. Since you are dealing with 3 parties, and 2 of those parties aren't consciously open to the spell Casting, the spell casting generally takes longer to perform, and a little longer to see results. Love spells are complicated, and having less than all the information can cause a love spell to not work, or possibly have the wrong love spell cast. There are also expedited versions of both types of Love Spells discussed above, known as fast love spells. Most people who want a love spell cast want a fast working love spell. There are many downsides to casting a fast love spell. Generally, an oncoming blast of emotion can cause confusion, anxiety, fear and depression in people, known as mood swings. If you are trying to use a love spell to fall in love, have someone fall in love with you, or a combination, these effects can interfere with your desired result.  

 Having been asked almost every question under the sun about love spells, the duration and what to expect during each day following a love spell casting, We've decided to give what we've seen as a typical timeline for a love spell:

(Love Spell w/o Interference, Previous Connection Stronger than  2 years)
(This title simply means there are no other sexual partners in either ones life, and they shared a bond that was able to build at least 2 years before it ended, broke etc) This type of situation is the easiest to remedy, and carries the highest success rate.

Casting takes place - 1-3 days depending on recasts, block outs etc

Casting is allowed a period to build (this is referred to as the "No Contact" Period, where the ingestion of the spell can cause mood instability, confusion and provoke conflict (Spells cast in men often report the male being violent and saying horrible things he typically wouldn't say during this stage) This stage can last for up to a few weeks, depending on severity of the situation and grade of the spell. Ask your spell caster for specifics.

Spell Matures This is the final stage of the spell, also known as manifestation. During this period, the initial signs of the spell taking hold will be apparent. Contact will happen, with positive discussions and more in depth dialogue. A solid connection will start to grow within the both of you.

Its important to specify that each case is specific to its own situation. There are never any definitive guarantees that you will obtain the same results as someone else has. 

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