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Ignite Passion Love Spells

If you have someone in your life that you absolutely love, and they aren't returning the passion, this is the love spell that would best fit your needs. This love spell is perfect for close friends, co workers, marriages that have "Fizzled Out" and other semi-intimate bonds. 

This love spell works as a 2 part process of creating a desire to explore intimacy with  you, and then to harness the power of your passion and fuel that same drive into your desired lover. This love spell is done strictly through white magic rituals, and requires 2 spell casters working side by side performing alternating rituals of behalf of each lover.

The entire spell process takes 3-6 days to cast, and roughly 2 weeks thereafter for the spell to blossom as normal.

There is usually a black out period of zero contact for the first few days after casting the spell, depending on the circumstances, so make sure to talk to your spell caster about the rules set forth for after casting.
It's very important to follow the rules set forth for your love spell.

When casting the Ignite Passion Love Spell, it's opened with a 40 minute ceremonial "Celebration", if you will, about moving your bond to a more intimate level. It's truly a wonderful love spell to perform, and make sure to talk to us about recording your session so you can watch it!

Its important to specify that each case is specific to its own situation. There are never any definitive guarantees that you will obtain the same results as someone else has. 

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