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Free Love Spells
I'm often asked to perform love spells free of charge. Depending on my current schedule, I will sometimes make exceptions, based on each case, and perform the initial ritual free of charge. There are many factors I consider when deciding whether or not I'm willing to cast the love spell for free. If someone had previously bought a love spell elsewhere, and didn't see results, I would be willing to start for free, or with supplies covered only.

Also, depending on the severity of the case, and the time line faced, I will sometimes start the case on "Good faith". Contact me via the live chat and we will find out what works best for you.

Typically speaking, I require SOME SORT of deposit down, unless your story is completely moving and well written. 

This simply is a way for me to determine who is serious versus those who are simply looking for someone to talk to and waste my time and efforts. I get hundreds of visitors daily, and really only like to take on love spell cases. Money spells, and other various spells are not my focus, and I rarely even take these cases, unless they are for a client I'm already working with on another issue.
As this site is gaining popularity, I'm having a harder time keeping up with the inbound requests and gauging each case personally within that day. If If your case is urgent and you want immediate attention, I would suggest skipping the free love spell portion of this website, as all sign ups that come from this page will be put on a waiting list until I find time  (Unless I personally specify that your case permits skipping the list)
Also, if you feel that you would like to cast any of my spells yourself, I"m more than happy to share my rituals and set ups with you at no cost. Please remember however, that I cannot afford the time to walk you through your casting and explain things as you perform it, it will be your responsibility to ensure proper implementation.
Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking with you.

Tell me about your case. 1000 word minimum, this WILL be published on my blog, so keep your personal information personal.
I want to know what a love spell means to you, what you hope to accomplish from using one, and your experience in the world of magic before you came here. 
If you don't put any effort in, neither will I. I cast 3 free spells per week, and get over 100 requests. So, take your time and write a nice story, if you want my help.

Your Story "What A Love Spell Means to Me"

If you want to be considered, INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. 

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