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Energy Based Love Spells
Energy based love spells are love spells cast using white magic only. These type of love spells are created only for couples that had a previous core connection and shared a significant amount of time together. You cannot use an energy based love spell if you have never shared a romantic relationship with the person you want the love spell cast on. 

These types of love spells are cast using your positive energy you still have for the relationship and fuel that energy with the power necessary to rekindle that same feeling you share into your lover. 

It's very important to go over your previous relationship in great detail with your spell caster. If there were any issues that the two of you had between you that helped with the demise the of relationship, you need to make these known during your consultation.

Energy based love spells typically take between 1-4 weeks to fully grow to their maximum strength (Length typically depends on the history of the relationship,  the strength of bond between you, and other factors that you can discuss with your spell caster)

Energy Spells are cast using our techniques that we've developed over the years. Please consult with us using the live chat feature on the website to get started.

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