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Usage: This ritual is designed to take situations between two people where there is no contact, or contact is at a state where it's having a negative impact. 
Most of these situations are the result of a blockage in the energy, due to either previous or ongoing issues. 

Purpose: This ritual will clear a channel between the parties and allow a new beginning through recreating the energy to its highest point and stabilizing it through that route. 

Rules: Contact must not be initiated except by the party being worked on. 
No other forms of magic should be used during this ritual that conflict with Chinese black magic.

Timeline: 8 days. 

Price: $325

Materials you will need: Black cloth, red cloth (any size and style, can be handmade) 2 black candles and 2 red candles. You will write a letter of the issues between you and the person being cast on, and wrap that letter in the black cloth. You will take printed photos of you both and wrap them in the red cloth. 
Place two black candles on the top and bottom of the black cloth containing the letter of issues, and then next to that, take your red candles and do the same with the red cloth. The resulting outcome should be two sets of candles with matching cloths containing the items listed above. 

During Meditation: Light both sets of candles at the same time, and half way through your guided meditation, extinguish the black candles and allow the red ones to burn out on their own. 

Instructions for the night: Take the red cloth and the photos inside, and place it in your room where you will sleep for the next 3 days. The black cloth and it's letter inside should be buried outside an entrance to your home, either under dirt or rocks for the same time frame. 

Both cloths can be thrown out after the 3 days time. 
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