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Dark love spells often have many misconceptions across the Internet. It's important to do your research on having any type of real love spell cast. There are often a lot of associations with incurring bad karma when pursuing love through a dark channel. This is not accurate, as when you are acting on the matter pertaining to that of the heart, it is impossible to incur bad karma.
Using dark magic for sexual purposes is definitely a gray area, and that's where conveying your purpose of the actual love spell is very important with your caster.
There are many powerful versions of real love spells, both white and black magic love spells there are many powerful versions of real love spells, both white and black magic rituals.

Determining which one is ideal for your situation will come down to an assessment of the following factors:

Are you looking to have a relationship restored or generated? Is your intent simply to have a one night stand? 
What kind of residual energy do the two of you share? 
Things like this are very important to consider one casting any type of love spell, and the more information gathered by you and your spellcaster will make the selection better to determine.
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