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Break Up Spells
Since 90% of break up spells are used in conjunction with casting a love spell almost always directly afterwards, I'm going to focus mainly on discussing this 2 part series on this page. Break up spells (I've always called them Wedge Spells) are usually cast by creating a divide between two people that are currently intimate on some level.
Most break up spells I've came across are black magic based, since you are driving against Wills, and the order of things naturally. Break up spells are not instantaneous, simply due to the nature of the effect. Eliciting a break up can be time consuming, and take up to a few months. The time line is usually determined by the current state of the relationship ( Are they already fighting, completely happy etc) and also the history behind the couple. 
The good news is break up spells are extremely potent. Creating a wedge between people typically sticks and matures into other things that separate the couple.  I've cast Wedge Spells that have completely consumed a relationship within 10 days
 (There are several different ways to perform these spells, as they differ in potency, time to cast and elements involved. These dates are those of our staff performing the highest level break up spell we have researched.

Rit. Debinque Du Nikayan 7/11/91, 3/13/93, 2/09/98, 7/07/2001, 8/16/2004, 1/24/2005, 5/05/2005, 12/16/2007, 1/02/2008, 7/27/2009, 2/02/2010, 3/16/2010, 9/03/2011, 12/19/2011, 1/19/2012, 2/26/2012

Ceremonial Casting: Yes
Black Magic or White Magic: Yes
Consult us for specifics to guide you through the correct selection of your break up spell
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