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Angels Binding Love Spell
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Important! Please read carefully prior to beginning this set of rituals. 

This love spell series may only be used under the supervision of senior staff.. no other casters here are authorized to perform these rituals. Please get their approval directly before commencement. 

This set of rituals consists of 4 rituals cast using a white magic energy releasing technique called core bending. Core bending is a process of taking the emotions people feel for each other, or have felt within the the past 12 months and releasing the energy in spurts through the next 7 days, followed with a series of strengthening techniques that help them achieve the highest points they were at together. A quick example of this process:

Beth and Bob were previously a couple. Issues arose (3rd parties, jealousy, financial issues, etc) and they split up. This causes a huge drop in their connected energy. Core bending takes the energy that they previously shared, and reconnects it through a ritual called Instant Desire (The Angels Binding Spell) which invokes the connected energy and resets it back to the highest point they previously shared together. 

This is one of the most powerful white magic adaptations of binding work available that we have come across. Once begun, it will consist of 4 rituals over the next 7 days, done every other day, with enhancements using a talisman and passage openings that you will be instructed to perform with your Madame. 

The Angels Binding Spell typically produces a change in the energy in an extremely dramatic way after the completion of the 7th day, but many have reported results manifesting as early as the 4th day after the 2nd set of rituals was complete. 

This is a very hands on process, and will require your energy as the source for the works manifestation. 

You will need the following items no later than the 3rd day of the work being underway:

1. At least 14 candles (Various colors, sizes etc, style or size/color is not important)

2. A personal item of your lovers, or a love letter. This can be substituted if needed with you writing a letter for the two of you describing a romantic time between you both, however we have found that something personal of theirs typically works the best.

3. You will need to either buy or create a small drawstring bag to keep the personal item, or letter inside. We recommend making the bag out of cloth yourself, preferably with a piece of clothing from your lover. 

4. Lavender. 

5. An hour set aside starting on the 5th day to assist with the closing aspect of the rituals. You will be instructed on techniques to release your energy in bursts and this will be the source of fuel for the Madame as she closes the work. 

What to expect:

This ritual will cause almost immediate growth and healing between you two. You MUST allow your lover to make initial contact. (If you both are already still in contact, you must still allow them to address their desire for moving forward and healing the relationship first) You will be instructed on initial expectations specifically for your case as the Mme handles your rituals. 

Its important to specify that each case is specific to its own situation. There are never any definitive guarantees that you will obtain the same results as someone else has.

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