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Marie & Priscilla's Love Spells 
Voted highest ranked Spell Casting Service in Ohio 
2013 * 2015 * 2016 * 2018
(source: NSCCOW March 2019)

1 602 632 1246 
We have cast Love Spells, Protection Spells and Re-Connection Rituals  for many long years.

We are proficient in all types of magic.

Current List Of Spell Casters:
Priscilla K - Level 6 Advisor & Lead
Linda S - Supplies/Tri Casts
Marie L - Level 6 Advisor 
Sarah H - Apprentice
Lisa F - Apprentice

Regardless of what kind of love related issue you're facing, our love spells will help you, as long as you are open to our work... 

Whether you're reuniting with a lost love, rekindling a romance, or drawing new passion into your life, we can show you growth like you've never imagined through our expertise at providing the perfect ritual for you that really works.  

We have successfully performed thousands of rituals during our years, and have helped absolve many issues in people lives. We have made this website so we can spread our words to those who may need them. We have felt the pain many people have in their day to day lives, whether its through Love, their job, Finances, etc.

You will find many options online. There are some websites that are much nicer than ours, and some with outrageous claims and pricing. We would encourage you to think about all the factors prior to selecting your spell caster. 

Remember, this is a journey.

Doing spell work with someone requires getting to know them, the situation and the events that brought it to the surface. You will need a spell caster to not only accurately cast your Love spell, Energy Spell, Protection Spell etc but also someone that will help you navigate the signs and direct you on the path to finding your desires after.

We work around the clock, as often as possible to keep the wishes of our clients in line with the spirits. We will do anything necessary to help those seeking our help, and bringing happiness back into your life.
We welcome you to our website as a guest, a friend and hopefully, a member of our online family one day.

Press the chat button on the top of this page to connect with us instantly. We would love to talk with you.

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